From the CourierWare mail bag...


Just saying thank you.

Used Courierware Bag

I bought this bag from your old Mass Ave retail location when I was a 16 year old high school student in Boston.  I have worn it every daysince then, and I'm now a 32 year old working in downtown LA.  This bag was with me during high school, college, fixed gear bike boston, new york city DJ gigs, cross country road trips, tours across europe, and is now my briefcase for my career.  It grew up with me and is still sturdy and durable. Thanks for making a great product.



 Dear Courier Ware,

In 2009 I asked my parents for
a messenger bag for the Christmas.

They found your site because they wanted
to purchase a messenger bag
from a company that made their bags in the United
States. They then contacted you and asked for the 'safest' color for

My bag arrived a few weeks later and much to my 'dismay' was
bright yellow! Nevertheless, Yellow Bag and I have become dear
travel companions and have been across the world together to ten countries and counting.

Thanks for the great bag. I have confirmed that the bag is
waterproof from both sides - it not only keeps the monsoon rains OUT in Southeast Asia but it also keeps spilled coffee IN....


I ordered a courier bag from Courierware several years ago after I heard that the company makes their bags in the United States, pays a living wage, and does not outsource to unsafe "sweat-shops." Since then, I have used this bag every day and it's still like new. These bags are virtually indestructible, and they look great. I recently ordered a travel bag and a laptop sleeve, and they both look fantastic, with the same quality workmanship. I used to have to get a briefcase-type bag every few months because they always fell apart, and I never felt good about who might be suffering in order to make them. Same thing with any type of luggage. I know that my travel bag will last forever, just like my courier bag. And the customer service is great. Thank you! Matt

 Hi, The other day, I was grabbing something from courier my bag, and I realized - I've owned this bag for probably fifteen years.  I carry it almost every day to hold a change of clothes, water bottle, and misc stuff I can't live without.  When I travel, it comes along.  I toss it around, let it get dirty, let it get rained on (it once proved itself in a down pour in New Orleans). And once a year, when I wash it, it comes out looking as good as new.  It really is one of the best made items I've ever purchased.- Josh


My old courier bag carried me through all kinds of weather on my bike year after year in Cambridge and Boston, and for years later on planes over oceans and through several other cities.  It saw daily use for twenty years.


That courier bag seemed both completely waterproof (even in windy rain in Boston on a bike) and indestructible, but I always kept a few snacks in the pockets, and finally some determined rats managed to chew through the material when I left the bag in a garage for a few weeks.  I tip my hat to those rats.-Bob


Hi Folks,  I , unlike you, still live in Cambridgeport. I love my carry on messenger bag that I bought at the Mass Ave store who knows when. I think I should have outgrown the demographic that carries a non-wheeled, non- zippable bag on trips but I haven't. I actually often check it yet it has never opened or had anything broken inside.  Its' sturdiness has even convinced my husband that a soft sided bag can survive. I can make it bigger or smaller and only on a long journey to China could I not cram everything in.I have two other random sized bags and they have held up well too. I am glad you still have a thriving business.Thanks for the great product, it keeps me young.Carol


I just thought I'd let you know that the durability and longevity of your courier bags might actually not be in your favor!  I purchased a courier bag from you back in 1991 when I was messengering in Boston.  I didn't last too long in the messengering business, but I used the bag for many years for everything.  I remember one time the grocery clerk was arguing that there was no way I could carry two gallons of milk home with the rest of my groceries in one bag on my bike.  As you know, that is no problem with your bags. Over time, life changes, and I eventually progressed to a long commute, and switched to a backpack. I recently have been searching for a bag that could fit my flute.  I've spent hours looking online.  Then, this weekend, cleaning out my house, I found my old bag, with it's tattered tag.  It, of course, is the perfect fit for my flute.  Since it still has life left in it, I can't justify buying a new one, and really wouldn't want to.  It's like coming home to a long lost friend.  Thank you for making such a simple, durable product.~Sarah


I just want to than you for the New Fabulous Courier Bag. Many Complements from others... Truly thankful for your assistance. ~Brian


Eric, Not only are your courier bags outstanding, but the customer service is top notch as well. Believe me when I say that I will spread the word. Actually, this is how I found out about you in the first place. Thank you very much!  Roman


I've had two of your courier bags since '88 (I think).  Bought them when you guys were in Cambridge.  They're the oldest things I own and are still rocking.  Thanks for making epic stuff! -ben


Good evening Eric: Thank you, thank you for making me a terrific bag! Love it, love your customer service, love CourierWear! Will use it with great pride. My best to you & yours as the air chills in beautiful Vermont. AFF ( a fan forever) Helene


Hey Eric,

Just got my beloved courier bag today. I love, love it.

This must be the 10th redux you have done for me. It's close to 20 years old and has LIVED with me through grad school, countless classrooms, a baby (now 12 years old), and a marriage (now done). I could never do without out it, except when you are tweaking it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish you were still in Cambridge.

Love, Abby


Hey folks: That travel bag you made for me back in February is just fantastic! I

used it during a two month trip in the Sinai desert in Egypt this Spring,

lots of rough conditions.

Somehow, it seems even bigger than the original travel bag I got from

your Central Square store years back. This one seems to be able to carry

anything/everything. I've even used it to transport a whole bicycle frame

(with forks off). And the added new features -- especially the zippered

front pockets -- are great. Even the material seems tougher.

 You can bet I'll be ordering another bag from you in the coming year.

Yours is by far the best product of its type I've even found.

Best wishes, Emanuel, Montreal



I used to live in Boston area in early 90's and I don't even remember when I bought my courier bag in Cambridge. Maybe it was 1992...I still have the bag and use it everyday and can't think of changing it for anything else :) When people ask me how long a courier bag can last, I show the Courier Ware bag as an example! Just wanted to give you guys a big cheers from Stockholm, Sweden! Cheers, Mohan


Hi Eric,

Got the new courier  bag. It's perfect. If you're ever danger of going out of business, let me know and I'll buy three bags to last the rest of my life (thinking optimistically). Thanks for all your help.



Hi Eric: I just came across my receipt for my trusty CourierWare courier bag that I purchased August 3, 2003.  It goes back and forth to work on campus with me every day, lugging stacks of books, files of papers, an insulated mug of coffee,a water bottle, a can or two of soup, a laptop, and a change of clothing/shoes now and then. She's a workhorse--she looks nearly new, despite it all. I wouldn't DREAM of replacing her. ~Michelle


Hi Eric,

Thanks so much for repairing my beloved courier bag. So far it has undergone three years of high school, four years of college, five years of adventures, and three years of grad school. It has carried thousands of pounds of books (Marx wrote far too much), outlasted multiple bikes, apartment moves, intercontinental traveling, cruciate ligaments, and a whole lot of abuse.

Thanks for making it good to go for many months of rural fieldwork in Zambia!

Love this bag!

All the best,



Hi Eric,

I've been using the BB-E camera bag for almost a month now, and I have to tell you again:  I wish I'd had this for my last 40 years of photography!  It's perfect for me and my Leica kit.

Over the last month, I've photographed several events that required lots of movement with the activities, lens changes on the move, and tucking away my gear to participate in the event myself. The bag made this SO much easier.

 For example, last Saturday night, I got pulled into contra dancing and DJ party dancing, with my Leica and 3 lenses. The bag wraps everything around me snugly and tucks it into the small of my back, so it was no problem.  No boxy bag bouncing against my hip.  With use, it's become softer and curves nicely around me now. The shoulder pad seemed pretty stiff when I first got it, but it also has softened up.

 Great design!  Great execution!

Thanks again, Tim


Just wanted to let you know that the courier bag that I got from you in the early 90's is still alive and well, living in New Mexico and looks like new.~Amy


I'm WIKKEDLY stoked that you guys are still around!! I remember your store outside of Harvard Sq and have lamented the closing.Whenever I look at the courier bag from the "other guys" I reminisce over my CW insider pockets where NOTHING could get lost and the super simple design always felt like Home.I will place an order very soon! Tina



I did some quick research and determined that the original CourierWare courier bag I got from the Cambridge store must've been bought by me in '86 or latest '87. In November '87 I moved to the Canadian Arctic and I know I had the bag with me there from the start.I'd send it to you to have it bronzed like baby shoes but then I'd be denied another 25 years of use of it. It's still going strong. Thanks, Emanuel


Hi Eric

My courier bag arrived yesterday, I love it! Looks great, feels great - I'm using it now, time to retire the other bags. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery!

Thanks again, I'll be sure to tell folks where I got it and send em your way!

cheers, Michelle



The last Courierware bag I bought was in about 1994, when I was bike commuting from Somerville, MA to UMass-Boston.  What a great bag! This bag is for my 14 year old son. Congrats on 25 years!!!!!! Michelle B


Its a great bag, I wish I could tattoo it, cause your bag has been damn near a second skin since 2005.  John


Eric - You guys are amazing. The speed, professionalism and craftsmanship with which you repaired my medium courier bag of about 15 years of hard use is astounding. I was so pleased to find you in Vt. and blown away that you were able to re-coat my bag front with new fabric. And especially the care and attention to be able to replace it with hard to find fabric that is now as special as the original was for me when new. You exceeded my expectations with fast turnaround and personal attention to detail - repairing or updating many elements that I hadn't even asked about - thanks! Ruth


Hi- I was marveling at the glory of my CourierWare courier bag recently, and decided I should write you guys a note. When I first came to Boston in 1992 as a BU freshman, my mother and I bought several of your bags from your store (was it on Newbury?).I got a small shoulder bag and a larger courier bag. Well, it's now 19 years later, and I am still using those bags-- they have been around the world with me several times, carried just about everything, experienced bad weather, food spills, road dirt and constant over-stuffing. And they are still in amazing shape! I hope you aren't putting yourselves out of business by making such amazing products-- i can't think of any other daily use item that would last 2 decades. you should be proud! Thank you, Stu S


I purchased a Super Deluxe courier bag from you, back when you had a store (or maybe you still do) on Mass Ave in Cambridge.  At the time I was working a few doors down.This was about 16 years ago.It's hard to imagine a time when I didn't have this bag. It has been through quite a lot. I have stuffed that thing to its max. I've ridden my bike with it through every type of weather.  I've traveled the world with it.Today, I used it twice.  First to transport all my gear on a cycling excursion, then, for groceries and bottles en route to a BBQ.When I returned home this evening and emptied it out, I was once again pleased and amazed. This is the truth - not one single stitch has popped out on the bag. It has not fallen apart - at all.t is by far a superior quality product, and was certainly worth the investment that my younger self made.  It is in nearly as good condition as when I bought it.  It's shocking to me.There is only one flaw with the bag: Your tag with the logo faded away several years ago.  Perhaps you improved upon that over the years, but it has always been too bad not to show off your logo when people say, "What kind of bag is that?"(The back of the frayed tag still has your Boston phone number visible, however.) I'm glad to see you're still in business and are still creating bags with such a solid design.I am one super-pleased long-term customer.Looking forward to years ahead with my CourierWare bag. So, thank you. Ryan K


Curierware is incredible. Thank you so much for the repair job on an already incredible bag. The turn around time was so quick and you have reconditioned my 15 year old messenger bag to look and feel like new! I love the new tapestry replacement fabric and am grateful that you not only had one piece left, but that you KNEW you had one piece left. I never anticipated a new strap or velcro closures. You have far exceeded my expectations for quality, workmanship and customer service. And made in beautiful Vermont, no less! Thank you!



That would be so terrific. Thank you! Other than the missing clip, my bag is in perfect condition...despite the many washings - and serving as a diaper bag for a kid that just moved from SoCal to Cambridge to go to school; being run over by the car; traveling all over Mexico with too many stopovers in Tequila, Jalisco; and serving as an undercover camera bag (used with a Domke insert) for this now retired pro-photographer. This bag has been to so many city council meetings, carried a handgun daily, always made certain that I had a flask of good tequila with me, along with a hanky and all the digital stuff I now tote around. How could I leave it at home? I know...just another of the hundreds of stories about those of us who have had our bags for decades. And they think the Apple folks are loyal! We need to take pictures with our bags all over the world, like they do with the garden gnome! Thanks again!


I bought one of your walking bags in 1996; it is still very pretty and usable; I still get compliments on it. I have washed it and line dried it several times over the years.


Dear CourierWare: Just received my customized mini courier bag, to replace my old vintage 80's model...WOW! You have made some major improvements-love the extra pockets & especially the latch to secure my keys! Thank you so much for helping get me exactly what I needed and creating a product that can involve collaboration. It is truly appreciated when companies are willing to assist those of us living & working overseas serving our country. It was like a care package from home (aka, USA). Thank you again and keep on doing what you're doing! Best Regards, Nancy J, Baumholder, Germany


Thank you so much for accommodating my request for a bamboo print deluxe style small size courier bag with the number of various pockets. 


I loaded it up and have used it since it arrived.  Every time I open it I think how delighted I am with it because I can finally find everything.  I would recommend your bags to everyone looking for a bag or purse that works as hard as they do.-Carol


I just wanted to let you know that I still use daily my extra large super deluxe courier bag that I bought from Diana back when you had the Cambridge store front.  I was bike commuting at the time and she showed me a bag with the outer flap made from Scotchlite.  The bag still rocks, it has been back to you for a couple repairs and the small tag of Mercury is now nothing more than a shredded white rectangle, but it still is going strong.  Thanks for your skill and craftsmanship. Mike



thanks for the new courier bag - it's perfect. I received it last week which was totally unexpected as well...i was cleaning out my old extra small bag and noticed a pen had exploded a long time ago in one of the front inside pockets i rarely used. i think it speaks volumes to the quality of the construction as i had no idea and the ink did not leak through into the main compartment...thanks again for the great product. Aaron


Hello, I just wanted to tell you I bought a walking bag in your Cambridge, MA store more than 20 years ago, and I'm still using it. It's been on almost every continent and in every possible weather and it is the greatest bag ever made. My only regret is that it will never wear out so I can't justify getting a new one! But I've turned many people onto them. I had a larger one that I traded with someone, to my everlasting regret, but the small one rocks on. Thank you! Sohaila



I just wanted to write y'all a note to say thank you for making a nearly indestructible, waterproof, all-around awesome courier bag. I'm still using a bag I bought in 1999 or 2000. I carried heavy textbooks in it for six years, and it shows hardly any wear at all, even where the straps are sewn to the body of the bag. I've washed the hell out of it and spilled drinks in it and carried laptops in the rain and it's still waterproof. I got it out again recently to start using it on my bike and I'm still impressed by it.

If I ever need to buy another courier bag (though it's not looking likely), I'll know where to go!

Thanks again,



Just a quick note to let you know how much I like my new courier bag. Functionality, appearance and quality of materials all tops.Stephen


Hi, My wife and I got our courier bags at your old store outside of Central Square 1997 (she also got a walking mini in 2000).  All three are still in use, completely structurally intact and still get compliments. Alan


Hi, I am so amazed with this product. I have had my Courierware messenger bag since 1995. My mom used it a few years then I took it back from her, so it has intergenerational appeal. I paid $50 for it back then (for a full size messenger bag), I STILL love it now (it's still hip today in crushed brown velvet), it's gone through the wash, been abused, been used for work (I take the subway everywhere and put my laptop in it, etc) and put it through everything you could dish out. And it still is like new... 15 years later!


Your large courier bag with optional features arrived in Septemer 2010.  It met your promised high standards, knocking the socks off the Patagonia courier bag I was using.  I am delighted and will recommend that others purchase your bags.  Merry Xmas. [You can quote me!!!]

 Widmon Butler, Washington, DC


Eric, Thanks for the prompt, fast service in getting the messenger bag to me before my trip. The bag exceeded my expectation and the quality of the finished product is superior to any bag I have ever owned. Carrying the bag thru the airports and stowing it in the overhead bins was very easy. This is definitely a bag that I will use anytime I travel.If anybody ever asks me on which bag to buy, I will point them to your website.



Your courier bags are the best. I have a friend who was impressed when Victorinox replaced his bag after it fell apart one day. Big deal. I've had my Courierware bad for almost 15 years--used daily on bike commutes--and the only evidence of wear is the slightly faded trim, and your excellent tag disintegrated. It's one of the few products whose tag *deserves* to hang on. If Victorinox didn't market overdesigned / overbranded junk they wouldn't have to give out replacements.


I'm glad to hear you're still around; when the Mass Ave store closed I thought you were gone. Good luck to you and keep up the good work. Eric