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CourierWare Camera BagLeica Forum Review: CourierWare USA

In May 2000, Dan Honemann remarked:
 I just ordered an "Incognito" camera bag from <courierbags.com>. […] I ordered the extra small version (9.5 x 14 x 5.5) which is just slightly larger than the Domke F-803 camera satchel (9 x 13 x 4). It costs nearly twice as much as the Domke, but I like the look of the Courier bag better (from what I can tell on the website), and the camera insert has three compartments rather than just the one with the Domke (though you can buy more inserts for the Domke).
In April 2008 Diana Salyer from CourierWare Inc kindly sent me a Incognito Camera Bag to try out. Although only the "XS" ("Extra Small") size, it is large enough to fit three M bodies with lenses, or a Hasselblad 501cm with a PM-5 45-degree prism viewfinder, or 13-inch Macbook. The "Incognito's" price varies depending on the custom options you choose — my bag was @ $US 155. Things I like about the "Incognito": its extensive use of heavy-duty 1000D Cordura; the soft and pliable construction which moulds to your body (unlike the Crumpler "Budgie Smuggler" with its hard-plastic inserts); the many internal and external pockets; the optional carry handle; that it looks like a standard satchel instead of a "Look Here Now, This Is A Camera Bag!". "Incognito" quirks: the sewn-on shoulder strap (that will go ASAP, to be replaced by 50mm D-Rings); the white brand-tag on the front flap (removed by yours truly); the use of both Velcro and clasps to secure the front flap — IMO the clasps alone are enough. Paging Dr Nemeth for another "velcroectomy".
( NB. following my above remarks, CourierWare now offer a Velcro-free flap and detachable shoulder strap as customisable options. )
Otherwise I am very impressed. Remove the padded insert and you have a classy bag for work or university. With the insert you have a camera bag which will never wear out (three cheers for Cordura!). In fact I am so impressed that my "Budgie Smuggler" has now been gracefully retired :?) More of this post: http://leica.nemeng.com/015e.shtml Leica Forum Review: CourierWare USA

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