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Papa's Got A Brand New Bag!
I just got my Courierware Incognito Mini Camera bag, and boy am I happy! I based it on the Mini bag size (9" tall, 10.5" long, 3.5" deep) since I wanted a small bag to use in town. Front: CourierWare Camera Bag, mini I had the bag built with plastic clips only, because I didn't want to hear velcro tearing and the metal clips are a bit flashy. There's no external branding at all. I had the optional carry handle installed. Rear: I had Eric build the bag with no external back pocket, since I wanted the lines to be as clean as possible. Under the flap: CourierWare Camera Bag, mini with zipper There are two front pockets, and I chose the zipper closure so that the contents are secured. It's a single zipper with dual pulls. You can also see the Courierware logo tag. Back interior: I chose the back interior pocket with velcro closure. It looks big enough for a 10" tablet, although I'm hoping for a Nexus 7 to be announced in a couple days  Front interior: There are two pockets in the front, as well as a carabiner for keys, Pixel Pocket Rocket, Fishbomb, etc. Camera insertCourierWare Mini Camera Insert and Camera Bag The camera insert is removable, and is about 5.5" tall. It usually comes with one vertical divider, but I ordered a second. Another custom feature- Eric made me horizontal dividers, which I'll show in use later. Height referenceCourierWare Mini Camera Insert Here's the 12-50, 9-18 and 40-150 lenses to give you an idea of the height of the insert. Horizontal divider: Here's a lens in the insert, with a divider in place sticking up. It's the same fabric as the vertical divider with no padding and velcro on one side only. Horizontal divider in use: CourierWare Mini Camera Insert Now I've folded the divider down over the bottom lens, and can stack another lens on top. Loaded: Here's the insert in the bag, with my E-M5 in a lens wrap on top. The body has the landscape grip installed. Profile: This is the bag loaded with:
  • EM-5 with landscape grip
  • O12-50 with hood
  • PL25 with hood
  • P14
  • O9-18
  • O40-50
  • E-M5 flash in front exterior pocket
Th main thing I was looking for was a low profile bag (both literally and figuratively) and this guy delivers. It's nice to be able to carry my complete kit in a bag this small; I need to figure out a pack that includes other bits like the portrait grip, rocket blower, etc. For a minimal two lens pack I could use a single vertical divider, with the lenses stacked and the body in the insert. The front interior pockets are big enough to hold lenses, so I may even be able to use it Domke-style without the insert at all. While there are many other small bags out there, I really liked being able to talk with the manufacturer and ask for custom bits- Eric's answer was always "No problem." Turnaround was very quick- I ordered the bag on the 19th and received it on the 25th. I think I may have finally found my perfect bag!
E-M5, bunch of lenses.

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