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CourierWare 25th Anniversary BagBuild Your Own Messenger Bag          NOV 13, 2013

in the bag - courierware

This is a completely disinterested public service announcement.
my black medium deluxe courierware bag is now 12 years old.I have used it literally nearly every single day for over a decade; of everything I own and have owned, I have used this the most.just enough pockets, just waterproof enough, just big enough, with branding so reticent as to be nearly invisible. it will easily accommodate a laptop, charger pack, cellphone, book, emergency fruit supply, water, and a change of clothing, with room to spare.i can use it as my only bag on anything up to a four-day trip. it handles odd loads with grace:i have carried sharp-edged volcanic rocks in it, as well as rare books, chunks of glacial ice, a large watermelon, and an entire case of wine (but not all at the same time). stuffed with a fleece, it is a serviceable pillow for those nights you spend sleeping in, for instance, a rental car parked in the empty lot next to a motel El Paso or the departure lounge of the B international airport.people treat their old courierware bags the way people treat their old patagonia clothing; fortunately—unlike new patagonia clothing—new courierware bags are not pieces of over-designed crap. Once, long ago, courierware were in cambridge, ma between the dolphin seafood restaurant and café sushi on mass ave. These days they are in randolph, vt. they have a$25 discount on a line of anniversary versions of the deluxe bag going now, in celebration of their quarter-century of business. I know from personal experience that they are serious about their lifetime warranty. Do you value quality and restraint over fashion and flash? would you like a messenger bag you will never have to (or want to) replace and which grows better with age? there is no time like the present.       In The Bag.

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