Safe & Secure Camera Bag with Style, review

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Safe & Secure Camera Bag with Style

" Tired of the same old camera bag? But want to make sure your camera is safe and secure? I mean that DSLR is like one of your kids. Handle with care and treat with love." "There are so many bags on the market today that all look the same. It's nice to have some options when purchasing something for you. Courierware has added color and pattern to what is a traditional style camera bag so you can personalize it for your tastes." "Comfortable on the shoulder, it also comes in 4 Sizes. The removable camera insert fits into a Super-Deluxe Courier Bag: mini, extra small, small and medium sizes. They use resilient neoprene padding that holds its shape and doesn't sag. You'll find two adjustable dividers for equipment, one in the mini, and a separate padded base." "I got the chance to review one of their tapestry style bags. The red with circle design is eye catching and whimsical. It's also basic enough that you won't mind handing it to your husband to hold. And everything fits snug and securely. It's a great choice for those who want comfort and fashion." "The sections are moveable and RE-moveable. I was even able to grab the dividers and throw them in my laptop bag on day. Love having that versatility. And they are heavily padded so you feel like your equipment is safe." "I take it everywhere now. Just the right size and take great care of my baby...I mean my camera!?"

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