Lifetime Warranty, What's Included?

courierware Warranty

Lifetime Warranty, WHAT IS INCLUDED?Courierware Messenger Bag lifetime warranty

All stitching and workmanship are included in the warranty. We guarantee that: The bag will not become unstitched. Strap and clasp will not tear off. Seams will not become undone. Velcro is covered under the warranty if comes unstitched, but not if it wears out. Velcro eventually loses its "stickiness" after many years. However, for a nominal fee, we can replace the Velcro on your bag. Zipper replacement is not covered, but is offered a reasonable rate. Shipping back to you is also included for repairs covered under the warranty. A sales slip is not required. There is a nominal charge for repairs that are not covered under the warranty. If you have damaged your bag, for example, your dog chews a hole it or it is melted by your furnace, we will repair or replacement it at your expense. TIP: for a bag that lasts nearly as long as you, order it without zippers or Velcro in the "Build-Your-Own-Bag" section of the catalog. Wash on "delicate" cycle in your washing machine, but DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER, LINE DRY instead. USED BAGS are also fully covered under this warranty, regardless of where you purchased it.

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