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July 27, 2012 in Product Review
Like Leonard Nimoy, I am always “In Search Of” what is out there.  I happen to love bags.  I buy them in thrift stores and yard sales, and I even take people’s castaways.  It is difficult to find that perfect bag.  I have a friend whose wife makes him give away some bags every once in awhile, because they can eventually take over, and she is concerned what might happen if they developed a mind of their own and decided to revolt against their storage areas. Courierware offers a wide variety of color options to fit any style Society has made one giant leap toward the perfect bag.  Courierware provides ready made, as well as custom made bags for a variety of uses.  The company was developed by Boston couriers who had to weave their way through traffic in all kinds of weather and make deliveries that were timely and dry.  The owners still do a lot of the work themselves, and these bags are really made in the USA.  If you call their toll free number, you will talk to Eric or Diana, and they will oversee the production of your bag.  They guarantee their workmanship, and you can even trade in and up for a newer design. Danny, our new contributor and author of this post, looking sharp with the Courierware 25th Anniversary Courier Bag For this review, we had the great privilege of checking out their small 25th Anniversary Courier Bag. The “small” sized bag is small only in size.  It is maximum in every other way.  It is made from a durable nylon fabric that is waterproof and the areas that are stitched have been doublestitched for added shelter from the storm for all your contents.  The bag velcros shut, but also has buckles to ensure no loss of contents.  The adjustable strap has a quick release metal buckle and is durable as well.  Under the flap, there are 2 separate pockets that have one continuous zipper.  I really like that idea because it makes things twice as easy to find.  The interior compartment has 3 pouch-like pockets along the front and an almost top secret pocket along the back wall for all your dossiers that you have to keep hidden at the border.  There is also a caribeener in the corner of the bag for all of us ADD users that can never find our keys. The “007 Concealed Dossier Pocket” in all it’s glory There are also amazing accessories like the 13.3 inch macbook sleeve and the camera bag insert.  These accessories are heavy duty and will protect your valuables in almost any situation that you might find yourself, including bump and run coverage, as well as man to man. Here you can see the removable laptop sleeve as well as the 3 front interior pockets This bag is high quality craftsmanship that wears like an extra appendage and will serve you well on the crowded, traffic-laden streets, or on the dreaded cross-campus hike to the Chemlab. With quality like this and a company committed to its consumers, this bag is a can’t miss option for “baggies”, as well as newbies.  Carry on. Pros:
  • its bevy of pockets (including the 007 Dossier Pocket)
  • the magnificent accessories
  • a company worthy of support
  • lifetime guarantee and the opportunity to trade-in and trade-up.  (Used bags are also available)
  • might not be flashy enough for some consumers
  • its size will not allow for it to be used as a suitcase (which makes sense, since it wasn’t meant to be), except in cases of emergency.
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