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I did something silly a couple of years ago when I was traveling with my old digital SLR. I’d been on the go for three months by this stage and had staunchly refused to use a camera bag, instead stashing my camera in my shoulder bag along with wallet, snacks and god knows what else. So anyway, on this day I’m in the cliff-top village of Oja on Santorini, waiting to watch the famously beautiful sunset, when my camera dies. Dead. I know – I had it coming! But there were several reasons for my neglect, some of which were more sensible than others. Firstly, if you’ve got anything bigger than a compact camera, the usual cases are quite bulky which means you end up carrying two day bags instead of one. Secondly, they’re very recognisable as camera bags and depending where you are it may not be a good idea to advertise the fact that you’re carrying expensive gear. Thirdly, *shame* camera bags are usually so ugly! I’ve since learned my lesson, but I still don’t like big camera bags. I currently use an Olympus Pen which I carry in one of those snug leather cases, so I can still fit it in my shoulder bag. But if you’re a digital SLR user and want to fit everything (camera gear plus personal stuff) into a stylish but protective bag while traveling, here are some ideas. For the ladies; Man I love these! Emera do classic designs, with quilted and canvas styles available. Emera_camera_bags If you like a bit more colour, check out the Epiphanie range featuring such styles as the ‘Clover’ below. Ephiphanie_rachel For everyone; The Cloak camera bag suits those stealth shooters who don’t want to miss a thing – it doesn’t have a base which means you can shoot out the bottom! Okay, so you can’t fit anything else inside, but it’s still very cool. Cloak_bag1 The reliable folk at Photojojo have designed their own camera bag – the SLR Sloop. But for something more utilitarian, try the Incognito camera bag from Courierware.

Courierware incognito camera bag

  And for the record, I did get a few nice shots before the ‘incident’. Here’s one. CourierWare Incognito Camera Bag.Link to the original post
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