What's Your Current Messenger Bag?

courierware messenger bag review

CourierWare Messenger God
My messenger bag of choice is the Extra-Large, Super-Deluxe Messenger Bag made by Courierware USA (Super Deluxe Courier Bags). I bought it in 1995. Save for some light,nearly-invisible grease stains, it still appears to be in pristine condition despite having been heartily used and abused. It's served as my principle luggage for countless trips, and has accompanied me on all my voyages, including those overseas. I have also used it as a bag to haul physical training equipment (most notably, twokettlebells totaling 70 pounds on a long train ride (the bag took it much better than my shoulders did)) and as a daily briefcase. It has been shoved under airplane seats, in overhead train compartments, and served as a pillow during layovers. It's kept my stuff dry while being exposed to long-term downpours and blizzards. I love this thing.I chose this bag because it was designed and built for (and by) bicycle messengers, with plenty of pockets, overkill on reinforcement stitching, and absolutely no zippers. I also liked that Courierware is independently owned and entirely made in the United States. I have ownership experience with only one other messenger bag, made by Timbuk2. I only deviated because I had a gift certificate to an outdoors store and wanted a bag that was a bit smaller for daily use). I gave the Timbuk2 away, as I found it inferior to the Courierware in terms of both comfort and design (though it seems as durable). I've looked at and tried on many other brands as well, but when I do eventually get a smaller bag for daily commuting it will probably be a Courierware again. Nothing else has quite measured up. FWIW, a few professional photographers with whom I'm friends have independently opted to use Courierware bags to lug around their heavy photographic equipment for years. They, too, refuse to use any other brand.

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