Laziness Minus Apathy, CourieWare Small Courier Bag

courierware messenger bag review

The Bag 28 JAN I have many pursuits: two businesses, school, and the family. After years of finding myself always having left “it” at home, I’ve learned to rely on a well packed shoulder bag (and car, to some extent) to ensure I’m not left hanging. It’s worked out pretty well, so I figure I’d share my results here: I’ll start with the bag (I use three): Kenneth Cole New York leather shoulder bag. I bought this at Franklin Covey (primarily because the one they carried was neither black nor tan, but instead an atypical dark brown. It helps that...

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A Bag For My Laptop, Dave's Picks

camera bag review courierware laptop bag courierware messenger bag courierware walking bag

A bag for my laptop I was looking for a bag to carry my new PowerBook G4 12? around in. After spending a while searching, I finally settled on a solution. Here’s what I got. I bought the CourierWare Small Walking Bag as a bag to carry the laptop (which, by the way, impresses me so far - I never thought I’d lose a laptop under a couple sheets of paper). It’s small enough to suit me, and vertical, which were the two main things I was looking for. The bag is also big enough to hold the power adapter, digital camera,...

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The Quintessential American Messenger Bag: Courierware

courierware messenger bag courierware messenger bag review made in the usa old school courierware messenger bag old school courierware messenger bags

July 27, 2012 in Product Review Like Leonard Nimoy, I am always “In Search Of” what is out there.  I happen to love bags.  I buy them in thrift stores and yard sales, and I even take people’s castaways.  It is difficult to find that perfect bag.  I have a friend whose wife makes him give away some bags every once in awhile, because they can eventually take over, and she is concerned what might happen if they developed a mind of their own and decided to revolt against their storage areas. Courierware offers a wide variety of color options to...

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Lifetime Warranty, What's Included?

courierware Warranty

Lifetime Warranty, WHAT IS INCLUDED? All stitching and workmanship are included in the warranty. We guarantee that: The bag will not become unstitched. Strap and clasp will not tear off. Seams will not become undone. Velcro is covered under the warranty if comes unstitched, but not if it wears out. Velcro eventually loses its "stickiness" after many years. However, for a nominal fee, we can replace the Velcro on your bag. Zipper replacement is not covered, but is offered a reasonable rate. Shipping back to you is also included for repairs covered under the warranty. A sales slip is not...

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Basic Messenger Bag Review

basic courierware courier bag courierware courier bag courierware messenger bag Minimalist Messenger Bag old school courierware messenger bag old school courierware messenger bags

JAN 30 2014 CourierWare Old School Basic Messenger Bag Review You probably already know that when I look for something, I'm not just looking for anything. No, I'm always looking for exactly what I need.I'd rather live without something new than buy something unsatisfactory. So when I decided I needed a very lightweight travel & photo bag there was no way I was going to settle for just any bag.First, let's talk about the mission: I needed a bag that would hold the following: 13" MacBook Pro Fuji X100S (or whatever small camera I happen to be dragging around) 3 cans of...

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