The Quintessential American Messenger Bag: Courierware

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July 27, 2012 in Product Review Like Leonard Nimoy, I am always “In Search Of” what is out there.  I happen to love bags.  I buy them in thrift stores and yard sales, and I even take people’s castaways.  It is difficult to find that perfect bag.  I have a friend whose wife makes him give away some bags every once in awhile, because they can eventually take over, and she is concerned what might happen if they developed a mind of their own and decided to revolt against their storage areas. Courierware offers a wide variety of color options to...

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Basic Messenger Bag Review

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JAN 30 2014 CourierWare Old School Basic Messenger Bag Review You probably already know that when I look for something, I'm not just looking for anything. No, I'm always looking for exactly what I need.I'd rather live without something new than buy something unsatisfactory. So when I decided I needed a very lightweight travel & photo bag there was no way I was going to settle for just any bag.First, let's talk about the mission: I needed a bag that would hold the following: 13" MacBook Pro Fuji X100S (or whatever small camera I happen to be dragging around) 3 cans of...

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"It grew up with me ..."

Minimalist Messenger Bag old school courierware messenger bags

It grew up with me ... Just saying thank you. I bought this bag from your old Mass Ave retail location when I was a 16 year old high school student in Boston. I have worn it every day since then, and I'm now a 32 year old working in downtown LA. This bag was with me during high school, college, fixed gear bike boston, new york city DJ gigs, cross country road trips, tours across europe, and is now my briefcase for my career. It grew up with me and is still sturdy and durable. Thanks for making a...

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These don't wear out ..."it’s now 19 years later."

CourierWare Classic Messenger Bag courierware messenger bag review old school courierware messenger bags

These don't wear out's now 19 years later, and I am still using those bags-- they have been around the world with me several times, carried just about everything, experienced bad weather, food spills, road dirt and constant over-stuffing. and they are still in amazing shape! I hope you aren't putting yourselves out of business by making such amazing products-- I can't think of any other daily use item that would last 2 decades. you should be proud! ~ Stu Shop CourierWare

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