CourierWare Small Walking Bag Review

CourierWare walking bags

My Purse Conundrum CourierWare Small Walking Bag Review Posted on September 25, 2012 by debbie I have been using this Eagle Creek bag as my travel purse for years. It is well worn, but has been a good purse. For this trip Murray and I want to be able to put extra stuff in our “purses”, so we need our purses to have some extra room. Normally, we would carry things like binoculars, electrical cords for the netbook and charging cables/plugs for the cameras in our larger carry-on bags. The idea is that if we have to check these larger bags for a...

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My Travel Purse Has Arrived!

Courierware messenger bag review little bags walking bags

My Travel Purse Has Arrived! Walking Bag, Posted on October 8, 2012 by debbie My Travel Purse Has Arrived! I get in the door from my trainer appointment and Murray calls out “Quick, come see what arrived! Open your package!” With shoes and jacket still on, I open the package and there is my new travel purse from CourierWare. WOW! Looks great! It put it on and it feels pretty good. It is bigger than my old bag. I am surprised at how much bigger it is. It’s definitely big enough. The bag is stiff right now so it needs to be used...

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