Review : The Bare Bones Bag Stealth

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I have collected a lot of camera bags over the past few years and have bags from Domke, Lowepro, Crumpler, Tamrac as well as a host of no name bags I have picked up on my travels or in the bargain bin of a going out of business camera shop. Each bag has something I like but none are what I would call “the ultimate bag”. The bag I use the most is a messenger type bag I picked up for €12 in a clothing store in Finland. It has no padding and is not really designed for holding camera...

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In Your Bag, CourierWare

bare bones bag by courierware courierware camera bag courierware messenger bag mini camera bag review

In your bag No: 470 – Dave Lam Posted on April 2, 2013 by Bellamy In your bag 470, Dave Lam Dave brings us a regular bag today, well, regular compared to some of the stuff that I have had on here recently. But a lovely bag it is too. The very latest in digital next to the classic film cameras. Check it out. My names Dave Lam, i’m 27 and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve never done a “what’s in your bag” ever because I generally don’t carry a bag honestly. I usually just wrap a Leica around my shoulder and go....

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Mini Camera Bag review

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Papa's Got A Brand New Bag! I just got my Courierware Incognito Mini Camera bag, and boy am I happy! I based it on the Mini bag size (9" tall, 10.5" long, 3.5" deep) since I wanted a small bag to use in town. Front:  I had the bag built with plastic clips only, because I didn't want to hear velcro tearing and the metal clips are a bit flashy. There's no external branding at all. I had the optional carry handle installed. Rear: I had Eric build the bag with no external back pocket, since I wanted the lines to be...

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Steven Alvarez, National Geographic camera bag review

camera bag reviews courierware camera bag courierware incognito camera bag National Geographic

November 30, 2009 Steven Alvarez, National Geographic camera bag review 5 Camera Bags Most working photographers that I know are strangely ambivalent about our cameras. Yes we will debate the merits of one system over another but at the end of the day we recognize it is the photographer who makes the picture not the camera. Nikon, Canon, Leica, Olympus, Sony… it is all good, a professional is going to make the tool at hand work. Want to get us fired up? Ask about camera bags. Cameras are somewhat impersonal, but the bag isn't. I spend more time thinking about...

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