Leica Forum review, CourierWare USA

camera bag reviews courierware incognito camera bag Leica camera bag

Leica Forum Review: CourierWare USA In May 2000, Dan Honemann remarked:  I just ordered an "Incognito" camera bag from <courierbags.com>. […] I ordered the extra small version (9.5 x 14 x 5.5) which is just slightly larger than the Domke F-803 camera satchel (9 x 13 x 4). It costs nearly twice as much as the Domke, but I like the look of the Courier bag better (from what I can tell on the website), and the camera insert has three compartments rather than just the one with the Domke (though you can buy more inserts for the Domke). In April 2008 Diana...

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Steven Alvarez, National Geographic camera bag review

camera bag reviews courierware camera bag courierware incognito camera bag National Geographic

November 30, 2009 Steven Alvarez, National Geographic camera bag review 5 Camera Bags Most working photographers that I know are strangely ambivalent about our cameras. Yes we will debate the merits of one system over another but at the end of the day we recognize it is the photographer who makes the picture not the camera. Nikon, Canon, Leica, Olympus, Sony… it is all good, a professional is going to make the tool at hand work. Want to get us fired up? Ask about camera bags. Cameras are somewhat impersonal, but the bag isn't. I spend more time thinking about...

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